Saturday, December 12, 2015


   >>> In Program the data is freely moving around the system and due to which there are chances of problem in system. So oop programs overcome this problem.

    >>> OOP concepts says it think about data and bind that data and methods those are manipulating that data into one entity known as object and the utilize that object into system.

   >>> Objects are the physical and conceptual things we find in the universe around us.
Hardware, software, documents, human beings and even concepts are all examples of objects.

   >>> Objects are the basic run - time entities in an object - oriented system. A Particular instance of a class.

   >>> We can create n number of object with one Class.

   >>> Class represent template for an object.

   >>> Object represents real world entity into a program. For example an employee that is real world entity we can make an object of it and then utilize it in a program with its behaviours and actions.

Figure :- oval shows a real world employee and middle square shows a class of an
employee which is created from a real world problem and Emp1, Emp2, Emp3......
                and Empn are all objects which are created from an employee class.

   >>> Object is a variable of user defined type.

   >>> The data stored within an object represents the state of the object.

   >>> The class of dog defines all possible dogs by listing the characteristics that they can have: the object kukki is one particular dog, with particular versions of the characteristics. 

   >>> A dog has fur; kukki has brown and white fur. In programmer jargon, the object kukki is an instance of the dog class. The set of values of the attributes of a particular object is called its state.

   >>> Objects are thought of as having state.

   >>> The state of an object is the condition of the object, or a set of circumstances describing the object.

   >>> it is not uncommon to hear people talk about the a" state information" associated with a particular object. For example, the state of a bank account object would include the current balance, the state of a clock object would be the current time, the state of an electric light bulb would be "on" or "off".

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