Friday, December 11, 2015

C++ Is Middle level Programming language

 >>> What is high - level programming language and low - level programming language?

      >>>  A high - level programming language is a programming language that, in comparison to low - level programming languages, may be more abstract easier to use, or more portable across platforms, such languages often abstract away CPU operation such as memory access models and management of scope.

     >>> Rather, " High - level language" refers to the higher level of abstraction from machine language. Rather than dealing with registers, memory addresses and call stacks, high - level languages deal with variables, arrays and complex arithmetic or boolean expressions.

     >>> An assembly language allows the programmer maximum control over the computer system. The programmer can directly interface with and control the computer's hardware and operation system.

    >>> But it's hard to learn because they are highly symbolic and the programmer must take care of all the details of the program, debugging and maintaining also difficult.

    >>> Example of the high - level languages are Cobol, visual basic and Java.

    >>> C++ is middle level language contains many of the low - level capabilities of an assembly language. It's possible through C++ to attain almost as much control over the computer as you can achieve with and assembly language.

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