Monday, December 21, 2015


   >>> The comments indicate that the compiler should ignore everything following it.

   >>> This allows you to add English explanations to what might otherwise be confusing code.

   >>> You have the freedom to comment your code as much as you like some programmers write code with no comments at all; others write several lines of comments for each line of C++ code. It's all up to you.

   >>> There are  types of comments. Single line comment and Multi line comment.

   >>> To write a single line comment on one line, type two forward slashes // and type the comment. Anything on the right side of both forward slashes would not be read by the compiler. T

   >>> To write a a multi line comment you can start it with a forward slash / followed by an asterisk *, write the comment. To end the comment, type and asterisk * followed by a forward slash /.

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